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From the cellar to the bottle

"Harmoniousely coupled with oak barrels, the Eau-de-Vie matures with time, in hidden and silent transformation to become "Liqueur of the gods", existing solely for your pleasure.''

When the wines are finished fermenting, one of the most important processes in crafting quality cognac begins: distillation. We distill our own wines in a traditional Charente pot still by the double distillation method, which is unique to the cognac region. Thanks to this technique, we obtain smooth and aromatic Eaux-de-Vie. Born during the "Bonne Chauffe" or second heating, the Eau-de-Vie, which, with time, becomes sublime Cognac.

After distillation, the Cognac is aged in barrels. These casks are crafted exclusively from oak grown in the Limosin region of France. Before being bottled, Cognac is housed within their staves anywhere from three years up to several decades according to the style of Cognac we are looking to create. The Eau-de-Vie blended with oak over the time graces our Cognacs with finesse and elegance.

Blending and Bottling:
Each step in the process is crucial in determining the quality of the Cognac put into our bottles. We select and blend different vintages of Eaux-de vie in order to achieve a balanced, rich and aromatic Cognac. We bottle our Cognacs and other beverages exclusively on-site.